CNC Turning Services That Businesses Can Trust

Your business deserves the best, and the only way to ensure it receives that is to offer the highest-quality equipment. That means you need to know the machining parts you receive will fit perfectly and function in your mechanisms. The easy path to achieving each of these goals is to work with the professionals at Silicon Valley Manufacturing. Our specialists are ready to exceed your expectations on all things related to CNC turning in Newark, CA. We have over 40 years of experience in both CNC milling and turning with top-tier quality control.

Every specialist at Silicon Valley Manufacturing is ready to offer exceptional assistance to customers from around the world. We're proud to be the kind of parts manufacturer that any company can turn to for a fast and simple replacement. This helps you get your operations up and running again with minimal downtime. Please contact us today to find out how we can best assist you with our CNC turning capabilities and services. You can also find more information about these tasks on our company blog, where we discuss CNC's history and its various components.

Crafting the Parts You Need

When you need to make custom-designed parts with tight tolerances, Silicon Valley Manufacturing is here for you. We have the resources and equipment required to handle precision parts turning operations and assists with the design, creating the custom pieces you need for your business. Whether you need custom threaded-rods, camshafts, or other components, our CNC machinists will take care of the work.

Plus, by using CNC machines, once the initial part is designed and built, our team can replicate the process to craft as many pieces as you need, which also helps to ensure that they meet your quality and tolerance expectations. To learn more about our parts manufacturing or to discuss components you need us to machine, reach out to our office.

Meeting Production Goals

Our machine shop is proud to offer high production and large capacity turning solutions to meet your company's production needs. Our team will work diligently to provide you with efficient parts solutions, from the initial prototype and design stages to the final manufacturing runs. No matter the size or scope of your machining project, we will always deliver the highest quality results ensuring that you are satisfied with our work.


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