Replacement Parts Manufacturer

CNC Milling and Turning of Precision Parts for Global Industries

Who We Are

SVM building outside

Established in 1997, SVM, a premium replacement parts manufacturer, has grown and expanded due to our customers’ confidence in our abilities. Even though SVM has never had a sales force, we have developed our capabilities and capacity to continue to support our customers.

Our Philosophy

We cut material to make our customers’ parts. To keep our machines running, we must keep our customers satisfied. We keep our customers satisfied by producing high-quality, cost-effective products on time

Our Solutions

Matsuura H-Plus 300 PC11

At Silicon Valley Manufacturing, we have held fast to our philosophy of diversification and unwavering ability to precisely deliver to the needs of our clients. We are focused exclusively on building the long-term value of our enterprise for our customers.

As a private company, this theme carries across to our equipment selections, processing decisions, personnel choices, and customer base. It’s a truly powerful example of the successful application of multi-processing equipment by a multi-dimensional company.

By adhering to our philosophy, our business has increased, based solely on customer trust and confidence in our ability to provide stellar, cost-efficient products based on their ideas and needs.

Hass Prototype Mill

We pride ourselves in never needing a “salesforce” to build clientele. Instead, we bring to the table our unrivaled capabilities and capacity for manufacturing parts from prototype to production, reinforcing our success based on customer recommendations, and our reputation alone.

Our people and our modern facility are equipped to function in either a quick turn or production environment. We have been in the machining field since 1980 and are very accustomed to working with materials from common alloys to exotic metals.

Silicon Valley Manufacturing offers pick-up and local delivery service for your modifications, projects, or regular deliveries, as well as quick turn and expedited services when requested. We are focused exclusively on building the long-term value of our enterprise for you, our customer, and look forward to bringing all of your hard work to life!

Contact us at 510.791.9450 to learn more about our precision parts manufacturing services and processes that include CNC milling and CNC turning.